Edmonton and Calgary

For those of you who have done some home shopping in Edmonton, you may have noticed the cooker cutter style of home that are found throughout the subburbs. Hundreds of home that are based on about 4 or 5 different models. Boring! This home is clearly not one of those. Literally a castle, with internal comfort of a modern day home. Ever wanted to play King Arthur… do it here. Again, how much digital marketing is even required for a home like this. It stands out as so unique that I had heard of it before I ever found any photo’s

If you do want the stay a little closer to the current housing style but still do it in luxury, then there are options for that in Edmonton also. Although, you may need to get just outside of the city itself and onto an acerage. But remember, it may look nice in the photo, but be prepared to get yourself a top of the line snowblower.

This one is a masterpiece once you are standing on the inside. Here is an example of a home that comes across as humble on the exterior but gorgeous on the inside. Good news for Edmonton shoppers it is actually for sale, most of the other houses on our site are not. With an asking price of 1.5 million, we think its a good catch considering that price would only get you a shabby two bedroom condo in downtown Vancouver. Here we will do the realtor a favor and link to their page.

Our first selection for the city of Calgary Alberta. This does not mean it is our absolute favorite, but it is a pretty nice place with an almost medieval style to it. It is almost like you should have a collection of plated armourin case you want to do an occasional bit of jousting in the back yard. I would also like to point out the lack of swimming pools to be found on this page. Ah yes, the alberta summers come equipt with about 4 days in a year that you might want to be almost naked while outdoors… just saying.

  Another lovely home. Honestly though, I picked this one because there is snow in the picture. Just to go along with my comment above. I realize that some of you browsing these pages may have never been to alberta, not in the winter, at least. Don’t do it if you don’t have too.