Fsbo – Tips

Selling your own home is hard work, it takes time, energy, market knowledge, and even some money. Statistics tell us that 9 out of 100 sellers attempt to sell their home without an agent, incidentally, the 2006 statistics were 12 out of 100.

There are plenty of tips for greater success, covering points like:

Be sure you’re up for the job.

Price it right.

Declutter and clean up.

Don’t skip the sign.

Show like a pro.

Look for buyers with commitment.

Hire a real estate attorney.

Click here to go to the article that lays out these points more concisely. Here we want to talk a bit more about the online advertising aspect.

Use online tools to advertise.

The first thing you need to do is put your listing on free sites such as Craigslist, Facebook, Google Plus, and other social media options with a focus on visuals. Newspaper ads and local real estate guides are dead. 1 percent of buyers find a home via these antiquated methods. Owners.com will list your home (including photos) free for 30 days. Then there are paid options to expand your listing for how broad you want your reach to be. If you are in a hot market you might not have to extend the advertisements to far outside of the geographic area. A small town home for sale might need some more advertising reach.

Most of us are capable of getting our hands on a good picture taking and video making device… you might be reading this very article on an already adequate device, so brush up with a youtube video and find out how to take a few good photos of your home. Good pictures and a video tour (if possible) in your listings, will have a huge impact and including driving directions is a must that is very easy to do in imaps or google maps. There are several services that focus on advertising in magazines and websites while providing disclosure and contract forms and other sale documents, pertinent to selling your home.

Try to focus keywords into your posts that will resonate with people searching in your market. You might want to by a unique URL to create your own simple display web page that you can design to your own specifications.

EG: HouseforsaleinCalgary.net

Or to be more specific create a subdomain that nails down a specific area like suberbiadrive.homeforsalecalgary.net. URLs specific like this one will have you getting some random traffic searching items like “House for sale Calgary suburbs” If doing something like that is a little too technical then look up someone who does some SEO work and start that conversation. It’s likely a project that is too small to take on individually, but you may just bump into someone who has a series of existing real-estate projects that they can tie your sale into.