Eagle Mountain Estate with a view of the lake, mountains and distant cityscape from this home. 12,800 square feet of luxury living including 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and 5 fireplaces. Floor-to-ceiling windows, a chef’s kitchen, and the temperature-controlled wine cellar. In our opinion one of the best the city has. (pictured above)

This luxury palace is located in the lakefront community of Sheerwater in Kelowna, British Columbia. It is designed by All Elements.

The three-storey luxury home has 11,000 square feet of living space with six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. It has fantastic lake views due to the windows that meet the ceiling. One of our favorites.

This is another modern style home. It looks as if it was built at some time in the future but is now already 13 years old. Maybe we are just suckers for the tall window concept as it opens up the main living space of the home to the outdoors. With enough space to operate a small business office inside it means that any computer or marketing heavy business owners would never again have to leave their house.

A photo looking across the surface of a pool into the windows of a beautiful home.While we do love the look of this place and, of course, all the others we have selected for your viewing pleasure, we can’t help but wonder….. do wealthy home owners like to swim more than the average joe? I mean, really, every home has a big pool. Ever maintained one of those things? It take a while. Maybe you just like having the pool boy stop by often. Who knows. Non the less, this house is another beautiful example of the kind of home that Kelowna has to offer.


Photo of luxury house from front side.A classic style of a house, more so than some of the others we’ve picked, but still an absolute beauty. The realtors who original who were responsible for marketing these home when they were for sale, must have had a fantastic time. How easy it must be to take care of the digital marketing on a place like this. Just snap some pics and put them online and presto the house would sell itself. Granted, you may want a local Kelowna SEO to do some work so that people actually see the photo’s, but wow….easy on the eyes.

Backyard photo of house and poolIf you have a house like this then you had better be ready to entertain guests. Homes like this have so much style and space that they seem more like a 5-star hotel than an individual dwelling. I hope you like when your in-laws stop in for weeks at a time. Or once again maybe you just stop renting an office and have you business staff occupy one or two of the 9 bedrooms as work space.